AgileEE 2011 Day two (September 24th)

That is my AgileEE conference second day impressions. First day article is here.


1. Jurgen Appelo “How to Change the World”

Jurgen presented some of the main ideas of his book “Management 3.0“. Once again “it’s all about the people“. Jurgen described 4 main facets of social change. I’ll try to get the book soon. Recommended.

2.  Danny (Danko) Kovatch @DankoAgile “Motivation 3.0 and Agile”

Danko told us about what does modern science think about the motivation and what companies are doing about it. The difference is HUGE. Recommended. Not a new topic for me, I was bored a little in the middle of the presentation.

3. Lasse Koskela “Agile Workflows for Version Control”

I liked the content of the presentation where two approaches to the Agile branching strategies was compared, but I don’t get the why it was given so much time for arguing. Could not find the slides.

4. Lightning talks

Felix told us about how important is to have a Stories READY before implementation is started. We already practising this in our teams, but the very useful to the see that somebody summed up this. Recommended.

5. J.B. Rainsberger “The Extreme Decade: Progress, Pain, Paradox”

Probably the best Agile presentation EVER. Recommended. And the final slides about post-Agile is probably the best thing a I’ve ever seen. Thank you JB! The final video (on “What we’ve done with the Agile?“). Could not wait till I see the video.


Things to try or think about:

  • Get a web camera :)
  • Some ideas for my presentation about he Code Review problems in the teams
  • Try Reflection workshop’s
  • Read more about PDCA cycles
  • Try to get live feedback from team members on my current project
  • Try Cucumber or JBehave

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